Canadian Poker Sites 2017 - Best Online Poker Rooms in Canada

Canadian Poker Sites for 2017

We have the luxury as Canadians to play at pretty much any poker site out there, but with so many poker sites to choose from it pays to get expert advice on which ones are most worthy of our time in trying out.

So we’ve put together for you our list of the best of the best, which consists of the top three online poker sites for Canadians. We also have in depth reviews for you on each, so feel free to click on the links we’ve provided to you to check them out in more detail.

So here’s the top 3. All are well worth checking out by the way and all meet our high standards:

1) 888 Poker

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888 Poker: 888 Poker has been around for a very long time, since the dawn of online poker actually, and has always been one of the best places to play poker online for Canadians, but over the last few years they have really ramped things up and have taken this site to the next level, the level of excellent. Click here to read our full review of 888 Poker.

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2) Party Poker

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Party Poker: Another poker site which has been there since pretty much the beginning and has been consistently regarded as one of the very best places to play online poker for Canadians. They also underwent on overhaul in recent years and are now first class in every category. Click here to check out our full review of Party Poker.

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3)Poker Stars

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Poker Stars: Poker Stars has been the undisputed king of online poker for a few years now, and all they did since then was increase their lead over their competition. The traffic here alone makes this well worth your time checking out, although they do everything well here. Click here to read more about why Poker Stars is such a popular online poker site.

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All of these poker sites are very good and any one of them are well worth your setting up an account there. We only recommend the best and these are indeed the best out there.

Thank you!