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    Goodbye, November 9

    Can't express how long overdue this was needed. There still is a 2-day gap between Day 7 and 8, but this is so much better in every way.

    Poker just doesn't have the same draw it used to, so get the damn thing over with!
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    totally agree, in fact the whole new deal with poker central sounds very promising too... looking forward to what should be some great content.

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    LOOOOOONNNNNGG overdue. Like, after the FIRST one, overdue.
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    i never liked the november 9 even though i understood why they implemented it at the start. just too many issues surrounding it such as losing the momentum and making it more like a separate SNG as compared to a final table, and also taking the risk that something could happen to one of the players before playing out the final table which would definitely be a serious issue of concern. much better this way.
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