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    Quote Originally Posted by The Prophet 22 View Post
    I doubt it! Seen it to many time!
    From Richard? Nah, his "tone" wasn't like anything different we see here everyday, and coming from Richard...meh, hardly meant anything...and to a reg. poster who knows him...it's very meh.

    He is bang on the mark, it took me forever to learn this as well....but yeah, as played...what more do you want from a flop?
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    So, what you have to do is assign him a range and then look at your odds vs that range and figure out what your best line is based on that and on his previous play...what hands do you put him on here as a start?

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    Quote Originally Posted by GTA Poker View Post
    Payout structure?
    and 40 something I believe.

    I hate to see bickering going on and I do appreciate both the support/defense as well as the opinions. I hate to see ridicule in the form of help/input as in Richard's reply but my game is probably average or just below IMO so I'm not going to get too uptight about responses like that and just look for the important stuff in it.

    The min raise call in my BB late in a game is definitely a leak that I have. My thoughts in this hand were, "I have 50% of that in the middle already. I am suited. I am 2nd in chips and can afford it". I was basically just looking for a better flop. 2p, top pair, trips, flopped flush etc. I was taken off guard by bottom pair and a so-so flush draw. As I said in another post, I'm not very profitable, so the call/fold just came down to risking a drop down the pay ladder if I lost and then went out in 4th.

    Again, thanks for the input, that's why I posted...
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    You're flipping the top of his range.

    I cant fold here.

    Also agree with Richard. If youre calling pre, how much better a flop are you looking for?
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    I agree with the guys and if you are opening up your range of hands pre you should also be opening up your range post - 1P with 42F is worth a decent push there I would have bet 100% of the pot if it was my action or I would have raised his 4K to 10K but also it would have helped your hand image if you had a bit of a raise pre...

    As a new guy here and not knowing the personalities involved I can't tell who is being a fucknuckle and who is being a solid goodguy telling you like it is (and yes there is a significant difference IMO)

    Nice win BTW

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