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    Quote Originally Posted by GTA Poker View Post
    Or TPTK?

    dj your entire post is extremely results oriented -- getting your money in 92% is almost always as good as it can get in poker, you don't want to win the hand earlier, you want to get all the chips in as a 90+% favourite
    I like this point the most. Your way ahead, given his hand k is only card that your worried about (don't argue trolls, keeping it simple, bear with me)

    The amount of times you get value by not over betting scared to take pot early vs losing will be profitable long term.

    Shake it off, situation with early double up tilted you harder than normal.

    ReWatch some good poker footage, great players go for value and pot control. Realize this is tourney but same principles apply.

    Would you have been pissed if he showed you flopped set? He might play same way. you would have said well played. Had he bricked, you say Ty for chips.

    It's a stupid game btw....

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    anyone who has issue with how this hand was played is clearly doing it wrong and playing scared -- again, if you are afraid to get your money in 90%+ want to take down the pot earlier you either have an insufficient bankroll for your stakes or you don't understand the most basic poker strategy and should review the basic math involved in pokerz
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    Folding AJo in LP to EP raises
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    I honstly don't know why 90% of this topic is analysing the example hand :<
    ~Games are lost, games are won you'll find the strength to carry on~

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    whats the problem here? he's a bad player who got all his money in with a up and down draw and you are the overwhelming favorite heading to the river. 8/10 you are going to win this pot and everytime you played it this way you are already making money ( +ev )
    it's one hand but over the course of a life time you just made alot of money against a hand that has no business stacking off with you. On the flip side that guy just lost a ton of money in the long run if he has plays like these is in his arsenal. Think long term ; )

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