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    Oh yeah it was beautiful. I also had another big hand where the flop was 8 9 10 rainbow and I held JQ ..cleaned out the same guy again for about $75

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    ok so the specifics of the hands I played are quickly fading in relation to who was where and how much bets where .. my big hands were
    KK ( flop was QJ7 - 4 - 9 ) decent size buddy had a AQ.
    JQ as mentioned above buddy had AK - dont know what the fuck he was doing in there
    22 as described
    AQsuited spade - buddie folded and I showed - earned great table rep as there was good banter about me most likely bluffing - board was Ah 10s 8s
    pocket10's caught a 10 buddie had 2 pair
    pocket JJ lots and lost of callers some raisers I overbet from the button with a crappy flop and took it
    6-9 off suit - BB special - caught 2 pair off the flop and buddie missed a straight

    all these hands made me $50 or more.

    Most pleasing apsects
    1. I was able to spot weaker players than me and capitalize on them
    2. Never once did I loose a showdown (I may have folded the winning cards a couple of times but they never knew)
    3. I was able to make moves on weak flops as I had a super solid table image
    4. I kept great disapline - playing position, waiting for long periods, keeping sharp watching players - watching every hand even if I wasnt in the hand.

    It was a tight table other than a few goofs but I was still extreamly comfortable that I was in no way out classed or out gunned at any point. To be honest I found them predictable.

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    Folding AJo in LP to EP raises
    sounds pretty savvy to me


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