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    Table Image-small stakes limit - online

    I wasnt sure if I should have posted this under online play, general chat or here. So I chose here because my question is directly for limit play.

    Anyway, Ive been playing a lot of small stakes limit online, which is a switch up for me as im used to playing medium stakes in B&M cardrooms.
    Generally speaking, im pretty good at sizing up the reasons for a mans playing and his bankroll or how much he is willing to lose in this given session. Gives me a pretty good idea of his image.

    A lot of the times when I see a player buying in for a 100$ in a 5-10 game i jump to a generalization that here is mostly just to gamble. He will probably go broke quick if he doesnt get lucky, otherwise it will be a long process. He may even rebuy, but not generally until he hits the felt.

    Also, if i see a man with less than a 100 chips when I first sit down, i assume hes either losing which is a good sign, or hes one of the types listed above. If I see a man with 300+ in chips, hes either winning, or he is there to play poker.

    Im wondering if I can make these same assumptions online, and wether or not my opponents will generally make these types of assumptions about me. In a typical 2-4 game I generally buy in for 80$, but I see some of the regulars buying in for 150 or more.

    If I lose a couple pots with my 80$ buy in, and say am sitting around 50$. Is this going to make my opponents play or think differently of me than if I started with 150, lost a couple pots and was still sitting above 100?

    Ive noticed that when I have built my chips to around 120+, people tend to play less aggressively against me... Ultimately my question is, does anyone believe that by buying in with a larger amount, will I gain this tremendous advantage of having players play loose passive against me, the same way they would if I had started with 80 and built it up to 120+?

    Thanks guys.

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    It's Limit. The only thing that matters is if you have 12BB which is the max you can put into any single hand.
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    You are better off searching for tables by ave pot size, VPIP and the length of the wait list. Open the table, watch some orbits and decide how people play.
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    When I play limit online a lot of the time I will just buy in for whatever the default is on the site. I find that the majority of the players will hover around that mark as well. I will make assumptions about the ones who are either "short" stacks or "deep" stacks but I don't place too much weight on it. It doesn't take too long to figure out what kind of a player they really are. This why I think that the advantage you mention can only come against bad players where you already have a big edge. The good players will see right through it.
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    I am currently playing $0.02/$0.04 games.

    I am not sure if this is exactly what you are referring too, but I think that generally if someone has $3.00 and another person has $0.80, then people automatically fear the person with the larger sum. It really doesn't matter how much money the person has or doesn't have in total, or the players skill, but the amount you buy-in for has a psychological affect. People I think generally would assume the person with $3.00 is a better player and will be more cautious around that person.

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    I've been playing 3/6 - 5-10, and the only time Im really reading someones stack is if we get heads up at showdown, cause where I play there is no cap for the river(hu).

    3/6 I generally buy in 100-150. 5/10 usually 300-400.
    Usually with a half buy in incase I got under 100.

    Don't play online much anymore so couldn't tell u bout that.

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    Wow talk about bringing up an old thread....
    Where's Kristy Sea in this?

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