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    PLO Heads Up

    So I was waiting to play a 30.00 Heads up plo game for like 15 minutes. No one showed up. (Little did they know the fish that was waiting eh. Hey if I didn't say it pkrfce9 would have said it.)

    So I decide to by in to a .25 - .50 zoom plo game for 25.00. Eight minutes in and I get this hand.

    Pot Limit Omaha Hand, $0.25/$0, Prophet 22 | BOOM! Hand Replayer

    The question is, was it right to get it in pre flop?

    Hind sight says, it was all going in post flop by either of us anyway unless we are both playing stacks of 500.00 or more.

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    Zomg is all I can think of.
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    Quote Originally Posted by pkrfce9 View Post
    Zomg is all I can think of.
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    Stack size makes it closer to fine, but I probably just limp the KKxx instead of getting it in pre. When you raise it UTG i think you are just asking to be committed when AAxx shoves, versus limp calling to play it for the set mining hand that it is.

    (But if your plan was to hit "quads full" I think you played it perfectly!)

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    Seeing he reraised bet pot out of the BB in zoom its a pretty good chance he has AAxx. You have a very marginal hand preflop. If your in gamble mode why not get it in. If you call the raise and see a flop I'm sure it still gets in. The only time you may see pot reraised with hands like 689T ds would be if he was on the button and you were both deep. Considering stacks I don't see him making a move with less.
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    Equities wise you got the worst result as your 4 bet got you heads up vs AAxx with approx 28% equity. Since you had a late position caller your choices were to fold or just call the 3 bet.

    I agree that you are against AAxx likely 95% of the time without any reads to the contrary. I would prefer a fold as my first choice unless your hand was stonger say KKQT with suits.

    If you do decide to play then just calling the 3 bet may get you into a 3 way pot against say 68910 and AAxx with approx 25% equity. Or if you do lose the initial caller then you haven't lost your whole stack when you wiff.

    FYI I really like the simulator here - Serious tools for serious players for calculating equity in many of the PLO games.

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    Without any reads on any of the players...

    That's a bad raise PF OOP, a worse re-raise.

    Not much changes with a good read on the players on your table. Your hand isn't terribly great. You are behind, and your flush draw is to a non-nut (3rd flush). *Note... I paused the hand after your push.

    So I kept watching.

    Further.. it was NOT going all in on the flop if the BB isn't fucking terrible at this game. You MIGHT get some out of him on the turn.

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