Thoughts on showing a card or hand live Omaha

Thread: Thoughts on showing a card or hand live Omaha

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    Thoughts on showing a card or hand live Omaha

    Went to watch a $25/$50/$100 PLO session for a few hours last night, and it wasn't the craziest game I've seen, but guys were still doing a lot of crazy stuff.

    In one hand, both opponents showed all 4 cards on the turn after hero puts in a big bet and shows villian trip Jacks. He also holds a king and tells villian that he needs the one in his possession to make his hand. Villian shows open ended straight. He's gonna bust if he misses but is an action junkie and calls. Sure enough case king hits.

    Awhile later, same hero gets in hand with a different player. Where they make it about where they are in about $2500 pre-flop. Hero acts first and after some ribbing back and forth bets $100 and tells villian he knows he has shit, basically so little that he can't call even a bill and shows the Ace of diamonds (obv 2 diamonds up). Villian asks "now why the hell you have to go and show me that?"

    Hero answers "I'm in a good mood today and you still have squat"

    On the turn hero pots it.

    Clearly wondering if he's being shown a dry ace he cleverly replies "if you show me 2 cards I'll fold."

    Hero repeats villian and says "no, no wait, why don't you show me what you have, I'm all in, why would I want you to fold?"

    Villian tanks for awhile, says he should "gambo" and eventually makes call. Hero admits he doesn't have a diamond but holds floped top pair and some straight connectors.

    At showdown villian shows flopped bottom pair and turned second pair to scoop pot.

    It left me wondering about the strategy of revealing cards. Hero is undoubtably one of the best live PLO players in Canada and I could find you 100 players who would testify to it. He's also crushed NL cash & Tourneys for years, so I have to say he can level with the best. Half the time he'd be holding second diamond and not do a thing differently. It's relevant as he's only playing this face up in his actions if he wants you to read it.

    That said, hand 2 does seem revealing. Obv he wants a call in hand 1 but was hand 2 face up because of talking? Does it matter if he did it to keep the game flowing and fun, as they seem to do? Does anybodies answer change if you know you will play similar spot with villian in future games or will a talented villian smell trap if he duplicates scenario later?

    Does the strategy of showing hand make any sense if your going to get called? It didn't seem to induce any folds, but it was fun as hell as a spectator.

    Thoughts? I might like to try this in our .25/.50 games lol

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    I never show cards unless I have to under any circumstances. Period.

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