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    i'm fine with your play until river. after river pairs the board and villain shoves, i think i have to let it go. i can't think of a range of hands that you beat there that shoves river other than a bluff. his river bet is pretty polarizing and i think most of his range is beating you there.

    that said, i probably would raise turn and put him all in. yes, we are probably making smaller flushes fold here, but i'm not quite sure how much more we can extract from villain if river blanks and he checks to us.
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    I agree with trigs. You should have maximized hand value on the turn and made it very pricey for them to draw out against you.

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    Trigs has it right

    Another reason is - if you've figured you flush is good (hence the call) you need to re-raise instead of calling. If you only called because you were worried he had a bigger flush you should have been folding. (blah blah history with villain blah blah)


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    With villains stack, I don't think we're folding 2nd nut flush (barring hand history). I don't mind the flat on the turn, here is what it gains you:

    If safe river, villain will barrel or check obv.......either option is good for us, if he barrells, we call....if he checks, we bet out and will get called by virtually all smaller flushes.

    But....... you need to be able to fold to the shiiite river.....which this was. Normally a small flush will not barrel this river, but if they are bad, will check call.

    Keep in mind I'm a tourney player, and am always wanting to ensure tourney life (stack) is not threatened.

    On second thought.....with how shallow he is.....get it in on turn.....above is better if he's a little deeper.
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