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    Quote Originally Posted by djgolfcan View Post
    That's my problem, I don't run good. If it was a cash game, different story, but the variance in tournaments is so high, I would rather not have to worry about losing 30% of the time. Get it in as a 70% favourite 4 times and you are destined to lose one of them.
    Um no. You are about 25% to win all of them. And if you win the first couple you might be able to afford to lose one after that. Blind vs Blind - MTT Live Tournament

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    Hey Devan, I think the hand played itself as it should and you got your money in as best as you could. With that being said, if you feel you are on the rough side of variance you can always in a spot like that just flat behind in position keep the pot small control it and keep his bluffs in. Also allows you to fold in a spot you truly believe you are no longer good. But if you put him on a strong ace and k q j 10 turns are you ever getting away with it? Best scenario for you to lower your variance busting the tournament is just flatting behind all 3 streets. Downside to that is you lower your busting percentage but increase your variance in losing the pot in general as even his bluffs will turn or river you at times where as with a shove they fold out.

    It's a tough spot and you played for the win. Gotta be happy getting it in 70/30 to put yourself in position to crush a tournament and play for the win.


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    Quote Originally Posted by djgolfcan View Post
    The blinds are 2k / 4k no ante - folds to the SB who completes, BB checks, they each have approximately 120k and are the chip leaders of the tournament

    SB has A-Jos

    Flops comes A-9-3 rainbow, SB leads for $4k, BB raises to 25k - SB re-raises to 50k with 60k behind - BB jams

    If you are SB do you fold or do you have to call (pot committed), what are you putting the BB on ?
    Yes I fold. No, you never HAVE to call.
    BB most likely A3, 93, 33.

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