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    End of day play

    Had an interesting discussion with a friend last night, would love to get everyone's opinion. IMO I don't believe there is a right or wrong way to play, but just your risk tolerance. Hoping to get a dialogue going here.

    I'm going to take the structure at the upcoming PartyPoker Millions at Playground for example.

    For those that don't know, there will be day 1s, with 1 re-entry allowed per day for a total of 2 entries per day. Players are also allowed to directly buy into day 2 and late registration closing 5 levels after day 2 started.

    For this example...we are in the last level of day 1, blinds are 15K/30K/30K bb ante. You are sitting with 500K (16~BB/half of starting stack).

    You get moved to a new table, and you don't know anyone.
    You are dealt 55 in the BB, folds around to SB who covers you, and SB goes all in.

    Do you call? Fold?

    Does this change if you have 77? 88? AK? AJ? A3?

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    I like to be the aggressor when short stacked, as played, we are at best flipping, so I fold and wait until I can shove over top of some limpers or three-bet shove a LAGs raise.
    I don't think what stage in the day matters. It's all about blind levels, stack sizes and how close we are to the money bubble.

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    I'd snap call since there aren't any major ICM implications in play. Then again my overall philosophy is basically fuck it my tournament life is worth nothing, I'm not special and I'll likely bust so fuck it let the cards fly, if I start valuing my tournament life I'll lose EV.

    Towards the end of a day people tend to get a bit more extreme towards the looser side or the tighter side, many people also tend to be more sporatic and shift between the two a bit unpredictably, they're often tired, emotions go back and fourth and so on. End of day play is super psychological imo, both in terms of exploiting other players more heavily and keeping your own emotions in check. I would personally never ever tighten up just because it's the end of a day

    As for my BvB calling range here I'll probably go just a little bit tighter than snap shove tells me to. The app gives our calling range as

    22+ A2s+ A2o+ K2s+ K5o+ Q6s+ Q8o+ J8s+ j9o+ T9s (vs a 61% SB shove, possibly closer in reality to 50% for most villains, if you want to you can run that throug holdem resources)

    I'm probably removing a few hands here but calling most of those, maybe folding k6o Q6s and Q8o and calling the rest, something like that. My mantra is pretty much fuck it I'm not special, my tourmanet life is garbage and I need to get over myself

    Edit: calculate for 15 bigs, misread a bit, so it's slightly tighter, 55 still snap for me tho
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    Imo 55s would probably be the bottom of my calling range for pairs, folding 22s and 33s for sure 44s is pretty close (lean toward folding). If you put a correct jamming range for 17bbs eff (something around 25%) it would definitely be profitable.

    88s, ak and Aj are pretty much a snap call and would be burning money to fold that spot.

    Imo at 17bbs A3 would be a much tougher decision and I don't mind either folding or calling. If average stack is 50+bbs and the guy jamming have over that i'd lean toward calling because in general a much big stack would jam slightly wider. I'll try look for other reasons to make my decisions if its a close decision. As it is an end of day, do you think people are nittier or more aggressive? since i don't have much experience i don't know the answer but that could lean your decision one way or another too in these close spots.
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