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    Cool Heads Up No Limit Cash Strategy

    Heads Up No Limit Cash Strategy

    Heads up no limit hold’em strategy relies on knowing your opponent and his frequencies. Different types of players call for different adjustments. The three main types of players you will face are the loose aggressive opponent (LAG), the loose passive opponent (LP), and the solid regular (SR).

    The LAG opponent will be raising the button frequently and re-raising your button raises preflop. He will be playing very aggressively postflop, such as check raising or leading often on the flop. Basic adjustments you can make preflop against the LAG is to open raise your buttons tighter. If he is re-raising preflop very frequently this will let you call more of the hands you are playing to his re-raises, and it gives you more credibility when you re-raise his re-raises as a bluff.

    The LP player will be calling almost every hand preflop in the big blind regardless of the size of your raise or how weak his hand is.

    Your opponent will call multiple bets on the flop and turn with sometimes no pair and no draw, just overcards, or ace high. When he does flop a pair, it is very hard to get this type of player to fold it. T

    he best way to play against an LP player is to more actively value bet the river with more marginal hands like second pair weak kicker or top pair weak kicker. Another adjustment you can make before the flop is to continuation bet the flop and bet most turns with all medium strength hands because your opponent will call all draws twice and never fold a bottom pair type hand.

    The SR player is a consistently winning regular who will typically play solidly. He is usually selectively aggressive preflop and postflop with a mixture of both value hands and bluffs. Some SR players play very aggressively, some play very passively and more are more likely to trap. Most SR’s play a very mixed balance of both, which is why an SR player is usually the hardest type of player to combat. It takes more time to figure out what their approach to the game is relative to the LAG or LP player.

    That is where our HUD comes into play
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