What is my turn play?

Thread: What is my turn play?

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    I think you flat call... hypo agressive that he is, he will probably shove the river if he is weak and check call if he actually has a hand.. doesnt really matter if the spade comes or not, ur not going anywhere obv.. if he has nothing, hes not gonna call a shove. Let him hang himself on the river

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    I miss Caddy.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Wetts1012 View Post
    I miss Caddy.
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    ditto, wonder what happened?

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    Confirmed busto

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    He isn't folding. I ship turn, but that's just the way I play.

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    Quote Originally Posted by IamJoFay View Post
    He isn't folding. I ship turn, but that's just the way I play.
    Shipping the turn will definitely win you the pot, but there's way more value slow-playing the hand. The hyper-aggressive player probably commits more chips on the river (maybe even shoving!) and you can take down a much bigger pot.

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