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    Blackjack tournaments 101

    So, we're heads up in some random tournament and we're ahead 29k over 24k coming into the last hand. We're first to place our bet and we can't bet secretly. What do we do and why?

    (played a few today, there are some spots like these I havn't figured out yet. first time I ever play blackjack ^^' )

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    Bet anything below 5000. You are too close to prevent them from exploiting whatever you bet, and no matter what bet you choose they can choose an amount that gives them about a 46% chance to win. BUT if you bet over 5000 you allow them to choose an amount that wins if you lose and they push - which is not the case when you bet under 5000 in chips. If you bet over 5000 then with the right bet they raise their chance to win to about 49.7%
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    Thanks, seems like there are a lot of odds I don't know yet

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    Guess it depends on how much you think your opponent is going to bet. less than 5k is probably +EV, since u are like 43% to win and 47% to lose.

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