How to frustrate a casino

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    How to frustrate a casino

    Just got back from Rama, happened to run into another forum member there taking a run at the blackjack tables. I've played alot in casino's in my life, but i have never seen them change dealers so often to try to change up the cards against a player before. You could see the frustration mounting on the Pitboss's face. But, in the end, it didn't help them.
    The guy was playing 3 spots, alone at the table against the dealer. In the 2 hours i watched him, he went from about 5k to about 17k, despite all the dealer changes and burn cards, they just couldn't stop him. To the player....Way To Go!!!!! Nice Job!!!!....To the casino....Nice try..better luck next time. LMAO

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    Oh, well then i could be wrong about it then. I was only there for watching for 2 hours and only counted 7 different dealers. To me, it seemed like a lot of changes, since the table behind it, which had 6 players on it, only went thru(<---sorry for using short form/chat slang for through) 3 different dealers, and the table beside us went thru the same as well. Guess maybe they all were not feeling well, or there was a staff meeting i didn't know about.
    But, all that aside, kudos to the player for doing so well.

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    Couldn't believe how soft the 1/2 DOLLAR NL hold'em games at Rama were. I dunno maybe I just got a lucky table but seriously I play 2/5 CENT online and I'm pretty sure I was the third best player at a table of 11 at Rama....

    See some pretty interesting stuff guy raising K9o from early position, or sometimes you'd see a raise from the button to 6xBB and there'd be 6 callers!
    Some other pretty fundamental mistakes, there were about 4 players there with 60 dollar stacks. Now I'm no poker master, but pretty sure that one should really be buying in with around 200$ right? At least 100xBB? I bought in for $120 (which I thought was short but it's all I could really lose) and left with $240 in about 2 hours of playing....

    60 dollars an hour....not a bad summer job lol
    Last night I stayed up late playing poker with Tarot cards. I got a full house and four people died.

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    lol casinoramaments

    won another 600 on slots on Friday

    maybe go up tonight for my birthday

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