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    Mike Sexton moving on

    Looks like he is going to work for Party Poker as Chairman.

    Mike Sexton Leaves World Poker Tour, Accepts Role As Chairman Of partypoker - Poker News

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    First John duthie now mike sexton. Party making big moves. Good for them. They've been my home, (and only) site for the past 7 or more years now. Glad they are having success.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Toronto Pimp View Post
    Mike Sexton Leaves World Poker Tour
    It was inevitable when partypoker decided to fire its live partner WPT and compete directly. Mike and Tony Dunst cannot both be partypoker sponsored ambassadors and WPT employees, when the two companies are now going after each other's throat. Mike is the third key hiring of partypoker since those drunken Caribbean Poker Party nights in November when I had an inkling of these huge decisions being made, including the crazy $5 Million Gtd Canada right after the insane 6 Million Gtd UK, firing the WPT, and the hiring of John Duthie. Tony has been promoted to replace Mike at the WPT, but will probably not be renewed as a partypoker sponsored pro. partypoker has 17 ambassadors in many countries but not Canada, but hopefully they will finally announce its first Canadian ambassador.

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    They've been my home, (and only) site for the past 7 or more years now.
    It's the poker room I've made the most profit from, but unfortunately as I've posted on Facebook, its new loyalty scheme is the worst possible news for the overwhelming majority of recreational players that do not pay >= $25 rake every week (including myself).
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