The Compound presents - "Merry Xmas Madness 2018" - Sat. Jan 12th at 2pm (K/W)

Thread: The Compound presents - "Merry Xmas Madness 2018" - Sat. Jan 12th at 2pm (K/W)

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    The Compound presents - "Merry Xmas Madness 2018" - Sat. Jan 12th at 2pm (K/W)


    2018 Merry Xmas Madness
    No-Limit Hold'em Tournament
    Saturday, Jan 12th, 2018 at 2pm.
    (doors open at 1:30pm)

    The Xmas season is all about gift giving (and getting!) and beating those mad rushes to get the best gifts while the clock ticks down to Christmas Eve. The Merry Xmas Madness tournament contains all the best (and worst) aspects of the season and should make for that tournament that's... very interesting. This tournament is a little less serious that some of the others. The details....

    $5 Entry for 1,000 chips.

    Unl. rebuys in the first 4 levels (2.5 hours); $5 for 1,000 (you must bust out to rebuy)
    One add-on available at the end of Level 4. $5 for an extra 5,000 chips.
    And... a Bag 'o Presents available at every table!!

    Payout: (rounded to nearest $5)
    1st place - 35%
    2nd place - 20%
    3rd place - 14%
    4th place - 11%
    5th place - 8%
    6th place - 6%
    7th place - 4%
    8th place - 2%

    Maximum number of Players: ?? - ? tables of eight (Please RSVP)
    We will try to accommodate as many people as possible, but I may need help with chairs.

    At the beginning of the tournament, each table receives one "Bag 'o Presents". If you win a hand, or play a hand down to the river and one of your hole cards is the "2 of Hearts" -OR- the "A of Spades". You must pull one present (at random) from the Bag 'o Presents. Each Bag will contain the following...

    PLEASE NOTE: We may be changing up some of the rules this year, so consider the chip amounts and what they do tentative. Except the "Red Chip" There will always be a red chip.

    Three black 100 chips
    Three purple 500 chips
    Three yellow 1,000 chips
    Three "Special" green chips
    Three "Special" White chips
    Three "Special" Blue chips
    Three "Special" Red chips
    Three "Special" Light-Blue chips
    Three->Six "Special" Pink chips
    Three "Special" Orange chips
    Three "Special" Grey chips

    The "Special" Chips.

    White - "Merry Christmas!" - The player pulling this chip may exchange it for one free re-buy or add-on.
    Blue - "Secret Santa!" - The player pulling this chip is feeling especially generous and will be moving All-In blind on the very next hand
    Red - "Gift Exchange!" - The player pulling this chip, exchanges all their chips with the all the chips of the player to thier left.
    Light Blue - "Don't open your Presents Early!" - If this chip is pulled before the first break, you get a green 25 chip from the bank. If it's pulled after the first break, it counts as it's value (5,000)
    Orange - "Christmas in Omaha" - At any point, trade in this chip for 2 more hole cards. Use any combination of the board cards and your four hole cards to make the best hand. If you still have this chip after the first break it becomes it's value (2,000)
    Pink - "SUPER ULTRA-SECRET XMAS PRESENT!!!11OMG1!!" - Go find Rob. Spin the Spinner! What will your present be?!? If you don't like the result you may spin again up to twice more, but you have to keep the third and final spin.
    Grey - "Bah Humbug!" - Keep this chip until you win a pot or bust out. While you have this chip you only get dealt one hole card. If you still have this chip after the first break you can exchange it for a black "100" chip. Bah-Humbug.
    Green - "Company's Coming!" - Exchanges places (not chips) with any player at any other table and that player takes your spot. If there are two floors of tables running, you also must switch floors. Take your chips with you.

    Special rules for the "Bag 'o Presents"

    1. You do not need to win the hand at showdown in order to claim a present. (But you do have to show your cards!) Your hand needs to either be still in play after the final round of betting, or All-In with at least one caller.
    2. If you bust out (but win a present), the present you've drawn is appiled after you re-buy. If you choose not to re-buy, you don't pull a present. If it's after the rebuy period and you bust out. You are still in the game with only the chip you pull from the bag. (We'll call it a "Last Minute Xmas Gift")
    3. If you pull a present that's already been coloured up... the present is discarded. Tough luck! Feel free to shout, "Bah, Humbug!"
    4. The white, red and blue chips will be removed from the bag during the first break. For each one removed a yellow chip (1,000) will be put back in. Pink Chips get replace by Orange (2,000) chips. Orange and Grey ship stay in the bag and retain their value (2,000 and 10,000)
    5. If a table collapses and there are still presents on it, the presents are randomly distributed to the other bags. We will randomly determine the tables to be broken down, players will re-draw seats as each table collapse.
    6. "The Night Before Xmas" When there are 10 minutes left in the 4th blind level, the clock is paused and play on all tables is paused once the current hands are done. The puck is moved and, starting with the small blind, each player may optionally draw once from the bag of presents. Once everything's resolved, the clock is unpaused and play continues.

    Secret Santa

    In addition to your $5 buy-in, you are to bring in a wrapped Secret Santa gift of undetermined value. This gift can really be anything you want; something cool, or something... not as cool. When you finally bust out of the tournament, you get to pick one of the Secret Santa gifts, open it, and display it proudly for everyone else.

    Blind Schedule (1 hour for Level 1, 30 minute levels for 2->4, 20 minutes per level thereafter)

    NOTE: Starting with this tournament, The Compound will start using Big Blind Antes for every tournament.

    Level 1: 25-25 (1 hour)
    Level 2: 25-50 (30 min)
    Level 3: 25-75
    Level 4: 50-100
    (FOOD DINNER/BREAK: Complete add-ons. Clean up the Bag 'O Presents. Play any dinner break bonus games.)
    Level 5: 75-150 (20 min)
    Level 6: 100-200
    Level 7: 100-200 (25)
    Level 8: 150-300 (50)
    Level 9: 200-400 (50)
    Level 10: 300-600 (75)
    (BREAK: Race off 25 chips)
    Level 11: 400-800 (100)
    Level 12: 500-1,000 (100)
    Level 13: 600-1,200 (200)
    Level 14: 800-1,600 (200)
    Level 15: 1,000-2,000 (300)
    (BREAK: Race off 100 chips)
    Level 16: 1,500-3,000 (500)
    Level 17: 2,000-4,000 (500)
    Level 18: 3,000-6,000 (1,000)
    Level 19: 4,000-8,000 (1,000)
    Level 20: 5,000-10,000 (1,000)

    (Note: breaks after 100 race off will be on an as-needed basis)

    Remember, the number one rule is.. HAVE FUN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Cash games will be running as players bust out of the Main Tournament.

    Please RSVP your spot, please send me a message. If there's a question you have, or if you discover a rules inconsistency, please let me know! All tourneys at Bristol Street are rake free.

    KWLT Fundraising BBQ and -EV Poker Day!! - Sat. Sept 15th

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    1. Zithal
    KWLT Fundraising BBQ and -EV Poker Day!! - Sat. Sept 15th

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    How am I the first one saying "In" to this?

    (Either this date or whatever date you move it to to not compete with Dave's event)
    One of us hunts donkeys...
    The other one plays one for a living.

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    I'm fairly sure Yuliana and I are in.


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    oops, I thought the date was changed to not conflict with Buzzzards game. Sorry. Can't make the 12th.
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    I want to come and defend last year's win as long as it doesn't conflict with Buzzards game as well.

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