(K/W) The Compound - The Turbo -  NLHE - Wed, Nov 15th - 7pm

Thread: (K/W) The Compound - The Turbo - $20 NLHE - Wed, Nov 15th - 7pm

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    Peter W would like in too please

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    Looks like I can make it too so I'm in.

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    Was great to get out to the Compound, very nice place Rob.

    Great game as always. Was good to catch up with a few guys I hadnít seen in a while as well as meet some new ppl.

    Comp, as I said, one of looks younger since the last Royal, and it sure isnít me. Great to see you.

    Poker wise, struggled to count my own Chips, won a couple races vs Buzzard, and my QQ was no Match for Ranger Mikeís 44 when I dealt him his two outer to go out 6th.

    Fun times!!
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    Thanks for a great time, everyone! With 6 players at the final table all at their first event this year, there wasn't a ton of movement in the Player of the Year race. Down to barely a big blind, TwoSeven finishing in 4th place and, with another strong finish, has jumped into second place in the PoY race, while Zithal, Pizzle and 8Ball round out the top 5.

    More importantly, there are a couple players that are now within striking distance of labeach2002's lead! We did miss Oct, so I'll be looking for the makeup game in November, then our final event in December.

    Last night it was Ranger vs. Don heads up with newcomer Don claiming the top spot. Here are the official results (Hopefully, I've learned my lesson about waiting too long to post these..)

    1. Don ($195) - 44 points
    2. Ranger ($95) - 31 points
    3. Hellmuth's Module ($55) - 25 points
    4. TwoSeven ($40) - 22 points
    5. Will R (BUBBLE-BOY) - 19 points
    6. Wolffhound - 18 points
    7. Geordie - 16 points
    8. Zithal - 15 points
    9. Buzzzardd - 15 points
    10. Aiki65
    11. labeach2002
    12. Peter W
    13. JackPocketeer
    14. compuease
    15. kwmat
    16. thisOrThat
    17. Brett
    18. Pizzle
    19. DrTyore
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