Kitchener NL Hold'em, January 14th, 1:30pm

Thread: Kitchener NL Hold'em, January 14th, 1:30pm

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    Kitchener NL Hold'em, January 14th, 1:30pm

    HoltPokerTour-Event #68

    Note-Please do not sign up for this tournament until you are positive that you are coming. Repeat offenders who cancel or do not show up, will not be able to pre-register in future tournaments.

    No Limit Hold'em
    9,000 in chips for $100 freezeout
    25 min. blinds
    Saturday January 14th
    Doors Open at 1:00PM
    Shuffle Up & Deal 1:30PM sharp & should run approx. 10 hours
    40 players maximum and alternates (4 tables)
    All disputes will be settled by Robert's Rules
    .25/.50 NL cash game to follow($100 max buy-in)
    Victoria St.-Natchez Rd. area in KITCHENER
    Payout to top 6 for 40 player field (38-22-15-11-8-6)
    Patience Factor 15.08 Skill Level 6

    Players that pay their entry fee by 1:25PM, will receive an extra 1,000 chip

    There will be a 30 minute supper break.

    Late players: If you know you're going to be late, please phone and a seat and chips will be set out for you and you will post blinds and fold until you arrive. Players that are late that haven't let me know will give up their seat to the next player on the waiting list. If there's no one left on the waiting list, late players may buy into the tournament during the first level (25 minutes). If you indicate you are going to be late and then don’t show up, you are still responsible for the entry fee.

    Waiting List players: Players on the waiting list will fill no shows at the start of the tournament, to a maximum of 40. The remaining players on the waiting list are alternates. When a player busts out, you have the option of joining the tournament at that point with a starting chip stack. If you have paid your entry fee by 1:25PM, you will receive an extra 1,000 chip.

    The cash game is open to all tournament regulars, but please note that tournament players have priority for all seats. The cash game will be strictly No Limit Hold’em.

    The tournament will be updated on Twitter @Buzzzardd #HPT68.
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    1. Buzzzardd
    2. EdtheTed
    3. Mac
    4. Steve W.
    5. Hellmuth's Mole
    6. woog30
    7. Dwayne W.
    8. damanj16
    9. SeekTheGrail
    10. djgolfcan
    11. Strubby
    12. Jamie W.
    13. Heda
    14. Pete D.
    15. Paul D.
    16. Kaye
    17. kwmatt
    18. flash05
    19. Luc
    20. Devan
    21. seabass212
    22. JacNoK
    23. DataMn
    24. sstar
    25. Marty
    26. Ana
    27. Botmac
    28. Little_Brother
    29. silentbob
    30. Bruce A.
    31. Steve P.
    32. stevemetz
    33. Nick B.
    34. Remi
    35. Harry S.
    36. Chad H.
    37. Daryl
    38. ItsaMe
    39. waltsfriend
    40. Luke I.

    Wait List

    1. lazyant
    2. Gangles
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