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    Taking a shot live this saturday

    I've been putting in my hours online and this saturday I'm heading out to try my luck at some live games. My roll for the night will be 6000 skr which translates I think to about 800-900 usd. The plan is to play a 1300 SKR tournament at a pokerclub in sthlm and afterwards play either 10/10 cash at the club or possibly 20/20 SKR at the casino.

    I think I have the tournament fairly well covered but I would appriciate some tips for live cash games. Does anyone have any good tips for what I'm assuming are still pretty soft, loose and juicy swedish saturday night cash game tables?
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    Play one year ahead or behind the table. If the table is wild and loose play tight. If the table is nitty loosen up. Once they start to make notice of your play change gears.
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    Yeah the tournament was interesting, super soft...sorta. Some hands of note, a couple of these are poorly played from my side for sure but I do find them interesting:

    CO raises, I defend BB with A5o

    - flop comes 258 rainbow and action goes check check
    - turn comes a king bringing a flushdraw and villain bets and we call
    - river is an offsuit 7 and villain bets again and we end up tank calling
    - villain says "you got it" and in the moment I didn't feel like pushing for him to show his hand so I just took it down with 4th pair.
    - All in all on this one I'm not quite sure how often I need to defend river, I think calling the 5 is a bit too light, I'd probably prefer to call 8s and ks and the occasional 67 (scratch that last one I bet that one on the turn) and probably have enough calls. Then again I probably also bet KQ KJ on the turn, I'm not sure how many calls I need, if it's half pot I need like what, 60ish% of my value range?

    a few hands later against the same villain we open AK UTG and he jams 10-11 bigs with K8o from mp and we knock him out

    A bit later we call a mp shove sitting in the CO with 88, once again we face k8o and knock him out.


    In another spot mp big stack opens, SB calls and we defend A9s from the bb, flop comes A107 two hearts (we had diamonds),

    - flop goes check check check
    - turn is the iirc or something and we bet 10k into like 28k and both players call
    - River is an offsuit k, blinds check and mp goes 27.5k and SB folds later claiming he folded a set of 10s, dunno about that
    - I think this one through and end up calling, I was considering which heart combos were strong enough to check flop with but I couldn't figure it out and villain showed 78hh which was one of the hands I thought about

    This hand made me invent my own literal personal game called "If I'm beat here what am I beat by?" and in this hand the hands i considered were 78hh 76hh and QJ either hh or one heart


    Quick hand, mp opens, we 3bet AQo from CO, villain calls flop comes A105, we bet 20k into like 57k villain tanks and starts talking "will you show if I fold? I'm not going to fold just asking...bla bla bla" I have a nice spot on the felt that I stare at stoicly, , he ends up putting in the 20k.

    - Turn is a brick and he just rips it into me shoving for like 70k into 97k, we take a few seconds and call
    - Villain goes "wow, do you have aces" and for a second I'm actually pretty worried but no, he turns over 99 for third pair and we hold


    The very next hand I think I misplayed a bit, mainly due to my preflop sizing, blinds are 2/4k and we have a bit over 200k now.

    UTG+1 (pretty much definition of a funplayer, 40 year old something guy with a bit of money to spend) makes it 8k

    - The 99 guy from last hand puts in his last 6k and we look down at 1010, I 3 bet to 25k, action folds to villain who instashoves 92k and we're punching ourselves in the face. At the time I didn't know what to do so I ended up making a lets say...marginal call and lost 1010 v KK


    Another spot I open 109o from the button and SB calls, flop comes Q95 two diamonds and it goes check check

    - Turn bricks out and villain bets into me, I call
    - River also bricks out and villain bets again and we call down, he shows A10dd and we take it down


    Two (?) orbits later we again open the button with A9s and the sb rips it in for like 23BBs. This is a spot that keeps messing me up and I really need to do math on how often I need to defend this. I tank for a long time and say that I'm tempted to give him money because of that last 109 hand he might just be fed up trying to play me OOP, look down at any suited ace and just sorta yolo shove it, at this point we're 4 handed, I'm the chipleader and I end up laying down because the of the shortstack I give villain credit for having some ICM awareness.

    I show A9s and he says "good analysis" and shows me A7ss, it really was super close in my head, I'm probably calling A10 there thinking that Sb is shoving some KQo, suited broadways and all pairs while being sorta capped and not shoving JJ+
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    Think I can find a fold with TT in that spot. Def not with QQ and JJ is close. Especially with the description of the player

    Don't mind the 25k, were you thinking you made it too big or too small?

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    I don't hate it but I feel like against a weaker player I can easily make it 21-23k since the hand is so easy to play postflop. I feel like 25k is getting unneccesarily close to commiting me pre and yeah I agree that it's a pretty bad call if I don't sugarcoat it
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    I didn't know you are Swedish, awesome to see you super active on a Canadian forum.
    I lived in Sweden for 8 months, in the most northern place ever Kiruna.
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