Tips on being patient

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    Quote Originally Posted by darbday View Post
    i said music
    I do not think this means what you think it does . . .
    Man does, woman is.

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    Quote Originally Posted by syphilaids View Post
    *INSTANT vomit*

    Please please PLEASE for the love of God tell me that emo isn't trying to disguise itself over techno beats.....

    "I'll keep the shitty tattoos..."
    This really really put me in an anxious/angry mood, pretty much the opposite of patience, therefore your post is invalid.

    I need a smoke.

    EDIT: lol @ "R.I.P., R.I.P., YOU AND ME!" If I see these guys on the street I'll do the world a favour and break their macbook pro.
    You prefer teh oldschool emo music? ^^'

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