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    I think , everything well explained. If anybody interested you could send PM , we can discuss on skype or face to face.

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    SNG's all day Sat at my house and I can set up a side table so Comp can play HU for ROLLZ.

    No rake so unfortunately I can not offer any rakeback deals other than hamburgers.
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    i'll come and bring popcorn. side bet on comp, will give 2:1 pfft

    From my experience, anyone who tries to make money within poker but not playing was a winning player that can't win anymore.
    My question is, since you are coaching too as part of the deal, can you give any proof that you beat the games you play today?
    In the land of the blind the one-eyed man is king.

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    Quote Originally Posted by sn1perb0y View Post
    i'll come and bring popcorn. side bet on comp, will give 2:1 pfft
    lol, actually think that's likely fair since HU I am practically unbeatable..
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