OMG I Made Another Final Table!

Thread: OMG I Made Another Final Table!

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    Final tabling the jab on PP. Sitting 2/8 with 1787 dollars up top, started with 2140 runners. This will be a little bit of a crapshoot but I think we can do it. Ran a bit meh with 2 tables left, definitely have one or two fishes in my sights. These deep runs are getting insane

    Edit: Finished 5th, ran bad in a bunch of all ins and ended up falling to first AJ < 88 and then K10 < k6

    On a brighter note that also means I finish 7th on the weekly MTT low leaderboard for a 109 dollar sat ticket
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    home alone all day so fired up one tournament online and final tabled it.
    just a little $1 turbo zoom on stars. 1173 runners. coming in at 6/9 with $180 up top.

    EDIT: 2nd for $125

    EDIT 2: man i've been on a heater lately. i've wisely decided to get really drunk and play crazy late night PLO online a few times.
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    Party Uppercut II, coming in 3/8, $4K~ up top, guaranteed $462

    Edit: 4th for $1.5k~. Probably misplayed a hand. Had 88 no heart on 653 2 hearts flop, checked back a 9h turn, and called a 3/4 river bet on a 2x river and lose to 44. Probably had to continue betting the turn.

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    Good job Wes. Guy probably doesn't fold unless you jam the flop....which is tough to do with no hearts in your hand.

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