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    I'll look into it for sure, might not have the money for it but maybe I'll bink something before then =)
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    I played a live tournament yesterday, overall I feel I played quite well, I got all in 3 ways with KK v 77 v 75o on a K75 rainbow flop but due to some coolers and unfortunate spots (i folded 1010 on a 9 high flop vs a guy that ended up showing AA and got a an overbet "payed off" on the turn when I had QK v Q10 on a Q high board, unfortunately he binked river) I didn't cash.

    The final hand I played I 3bet AQo from the SB vs the villain in the following hand and ended up calling a 27BB shove only to run into AA.

    The hand I want to talk about came a few hands prior to that, I had about 90k or so, blinds were 1k/2k (table was somewhat shallow, most people sitting around 30k).

    From EP I opened to 4,5k with Ace of diamonds (which is a broken smiley) and got two callers from MP and SB, mp is the main villain of the hand.

    Flop came

    SB check
    I check
    MP bet 6k
    SB fold
    I call with a bunch of backdoors and some evil intentions on a bunch of later street cards

    turn comes the and goes check check

    River comes a and I fire 16,5k and villain calls with

    Villain proceeded to make some table talk with his friends about how in his eyes I was unlikely to be nutted since he expected me to bet all overcard+FD combos on the flop and I'm still proccessing this hand a bit (which might be futile because if I expected him to flop 58s I'd probably consider him a straight up amateur and play a more valueheavy style but I could probably still fit in a couple of bluff combos)

    First off my range is decently protected, flop is very wet but my (legit) check calling range as of right now is something like:

    AJ-AKdd, A9dd, A8dd, A7dd and A5-A2dd (possibly checkraising A9 and A8dd some %age of the time and occasionally checkcalling QJdd if villain is doublebarrel light happy with the intention of checkraising a bunch of turncards)
    J10s Q10s, 99 88 and A7s

    We definitely have some diamonds in there. So the question is how much we can bluff without being too bluffheavy on this river. Obviously the ace of diamonds is a nice card removing a bunch of flush combos from villains range but I might not be a big fan of the jack of clubs blocking J9cc and some random QJcc and KJcc combos villain may decide to fire flop in position with.

    Do we want to add in sets into our check calling range here to protect our river range? Probably not, it's tempting but I think we're missing some value on bad turns and directly on flops this wet by not checkraising/cbetting

    Do we want a turn leading range? Probably not, I'm not good enough to balance that I think, we're not gonna check call any nutted hands on the flop so we have a bit of a range disadvantage and want to protect our river range. I feel like I may fall for the temptation to check raise some diamond turns here though, which may or may not be a good strategy with Adx type hands considering our range disadvantage on the flop.

    So what are our river bluff candidates? Not much, AK-AJ with the ace of diamonds, J9s and QJss are the ones that comes to mind and that's a total of what, 13 combos so we can pick something like 4-5 to bluff is we're conservative. Obviously we have a little bit of showdown with the ace but I think I'm fine treating all these combos like pure bluffs. I think the ones I would like to bluff are combos that block his 10x and contain the ace of diamonds and do so more to the tune of 24-27k as well as bet our nuts to that sizing. I think it would be theoretically sound to bluff AdJxand some AdQx combos and give up AK QJ and J9 and not have a check shoving range here.

    things to watch of for of course is to not be too slow figuring this out on the flop, if I hesitate too much on the flop I look pretty weak and weighted towards what I have, probably standardize my time taken before calling to like 4-7 seconds or so. I think if I pull this off properly 5x 6x and 7x can't call me profitably and I'm not underbluffing (or overbluffing) too heavily, I thought it was an interesting spot
    ~Games are lost, games are won you'll find the strength to carry on~

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    My head hurts.. lol, love your explanations Richard, they are certainly detailed...
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