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Full Tilt Poker Review

Full Tilt Is Back With A Vengeance

Full Tilt Poker used to be one of the most popular and most successful online poker sites of all time. Much like Poker Stars, this site was set up to be a playerís site, especially large volume players, and they certainly attracted their share of all types of players back then.

A lot of a poker siteís success is tied in to the amount of momentum they can generate, and Full Tilt definitely had plenty of that, especially when most of the online poker sites left the U.S. market after the passing of the UIGEA in 2006. Poker Stars and Full Tilt stayed, and became the two dominant players in the worldwide market on account of it.

Things came crashing down though on Black Friday and while Poker Stars was able to keep things together, this event destroyed Full Tilt, who were already well on their way to seeing their site destroyed anyway due to mismanagement.

After being closed down for quite some time, Full Tilt ended up being bought by the company who owns Poker Stars, and the site was revived. While Full Tilt is only a shadow of its former mega self, they have been resurrected to the point where they rank in the top 5 in terms of the worldís most popular online poker sites, and due to all this, with their casting off their checkered past and starting anew, they are certainly worth considering again.

Full Tiltís Cash Games

Full Tiltís cash poker traffic is actually quite competitive with the best sites out there other than Poker Stars of course, and Full Tiltís traffic does cater more to a wide variety of players than you see generally.

So you do see more action at the medium stakes, which is actually important even if you still play low stakes, as just about all low stakes players aspire to play higher at some point, so itís definitely good to be able to play this stuff if you want to.

While Poker Stars does have a lot more traffic and game selection, the competition there is stiffer than you see at other sites as well, so many players may be well served by at least considering relatively softer sites such as Full Tilt. Itís not that Full Tilt is chock full of donkeys, but you are indeed giving yourself a better chance to be profitable when youíre not going up against tough competition all the time.

Thereís lots and lots of action at the lower stakes here though and the play here will give you a good chance to beat the competition or at least work your way up to that if you arenít there yet. With Holdíem, while most of the action is centered around the popular 6 max format, there are a surprising amount of full ring games that run here as well, so if you prefer either you will have a good opportunity to play either. Thereís also a good amount of heads up action if you prefer to play that.

The Omaha action is considerably less here as most of the play does center around no limit Holdíem, although they do offer a limited amount of Omaha Hi and Omaha Hi/Lo, mostly in the 6 max format, although thereís a decent amount of heads up games that run as well. They do roll out other games like Stud but they donít attract much action at all.

Full Tilt also has one of the best fast fold poker offerings in the business, called Rush Poker. Full Tilt invented this format and while just about every poker site offers fast fold poker these days, its popularity and range of stakes offered make Full Tiltís really stand out. Thereís a good amount of action here from $0.01/$0.02 all the way to $2/$4. If you like fast fold poker this is a place you want to have an account at for sure.

Full Tiltís Tournament Action

While the cash games are pretty good overall, particularly if you like no limit Holdíem cash games, tournaments are pretty good here as well.

There are all kinds of sit and go tournaments that run here and you can easily find one to play all the way up to $115. The action is well dispersed and while the lower buy ins are more popular, itís not that almost all of the action is congregated there like at some sites and you can find the stakes that you want pretty easily.

Thereís also a good selection of multi table tournaments that run, and Full Tilt in particular is known for its innovation, and this certainly is the case with their bigger tournaments as well. There are lots of tournaments to choose from and some interesting and off the wall ones as well.

Some might not be for everyone, like the flipout version that puts players all in automatically, but Full Tilt canít be faulted for their never ending desire to provide their players more variety, and they certainly accomplish that well.

Full Tiltís Bonuses, Rewards, And Promotions

New players get a 100% match of their first deposit with Full Tilt, up to $600. Some sites pay more but it really comes down to is if you havenít collected this bonus before you are eligible to receive it regardless, so this isnít a matter of comparing bonuses itís just a matter of whether you want to get paid by Full Tilt to try them out or not, and therefore the incentive needs to be meaningful, but this is.

So as usual, you collect enough frequent player points at a site and you get the bonus money released to you. Once youíve done that though your frequent player points start earning you Edge rewards and the rewards program at Full Tilt has always been among the best out there and this remains the case in their new incarnation as well. They are after all now owned by Poker Stars who has led the way in the rewards department for years and this philosophy of rewarding their players well is evident here at Full Tilt as well.

Full Tilt also runs a lot of different promotions which change all the time but this is certainly a plus for the site and well worth mentioning. They will work hard not only to get your business but to keep it as well.

My Recommendation

There are a lot of good things that I see in this site, the game selection in particular, although there are other things as well such as the quality software, which never really was my favorite but itís still more than good enough and a lot of players like it.

I started playing here when they first opened and this has always been one of the better online poker sites, and I was happy to see that they just didnít get left for dead after all of the trouble they went through and are now back to offering online players some good poker, although they of course donít offer play to Americans anymore, but they definitely still take us Canadians.

The focus here isnít just on poker anymore and in fact they removed the word poker from the name, going by Full Tilt now instead of Full Tilt Poker that they went by all these years. They now offer casino games and the plan is to add sports betting as well so if you like these other forms of betting then that might be a plus.

If youíve played here before but havenít for a while, itís worth checking out again and if youíve never played there, I say why not give them a try and go for the bonus money at least.

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