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Party Poker Is An All Time Favorite

Party Poker is another long time online poker site that has been enjoyed by millions of online poker players over their long and rich history. They were for a good many years the dominant force in online poker, a title they only gave up when they stopped taking American players after the UIGEA legislation.

This did cause them to lose a lot of momentum and they got quickly passed by the big sites that stayed in the U.S. market, but they have always remained a top 5 site overall, and still are today. So when it comes to looking at the best online poker sites for Canadians, Party Poker is still well worth a try.

This is a very well run company and poker site and are regulated not by some small country but by the U.K. gaming commission, and the company behind them, Bwin.Party, is as trustworthy as they come. This isnít really an issue with the poker sites we recommend, they are all trustworthy or we wouldnít be recommending them, but playing at such a well respected site as Party Poker can only be a plus.

Party Poker did get pretty lazy in its earlier days, when it had such a stranglehold on the online poker market, but since being knocked down to size so to speak they have come to realize that nothing less than first class in every area will do, and if they fail to do this, people will simply play elsewhere.

So gone is their tired old software that people really didnít seem to mind too much anyway, which has been replaced with a state of the art software package that rivals anything out there.

Their rewards system, which used to be on the cheaper side, has also been revamped, and they now award players in a very competitive way, as they should be. The entire operation became overhauled a few years ago in fact and things have gone from good to great here.

So if you havenít played at Party Poker for a while this is well worth another look, and if you havenít played there yet itís a great choice for Canadians in particular. There are some sites that for rather stupid reasons has pulled out of the Canadian market, due to some silly concerns about getting licensed in the U.K., but Party Poker is headquartered there and no one has any issues with them letting us play there, so to heck with the few sites who no longer let us play there, itís their loss not ours really.

Party Poker Traffic and Game Selection

The traffic at Party Poker is among the best out there, and they are consistently in the top 5 sites worldwide based upon traffic. The traffic here is also good any time of the day or night, which is definitely something we like to see as we may want to play during times other than when traffic tends to peak, especially when living in Canada and seeing most players on a site from other regions of the world.

The games these days at Party Poker are all pretty much either 6 max or heads up, they do offer full ring games but they just arenít that popular, you can still find them but there arenít a lot of active tables running this format and what they do have is mostly at the lower stakes.

There is some Omaha action here but not a lot, Omaha did go through a bit of a heyday a while back where it looked like it could one day rival Holdíem, but now you mostly see Holdíem being played and thatís certainly the case here. The game at Party Poker is no limit Holdíem in particular, and perhaps even more so than at some other sites.

Party Poker, like a lot of sites, also offers fast fold poker, called Fast Forward, and the action at these tables is better than average, with stakes offered ranging from $0.02/$0.04 up to $0.50/$1, and even the highest stake generally has some good action at it night or day.

The sit and go tournaments tend to really thin out as you move away from the smaller buy ins though, especially in the off hours, but if you like the smaller buy ins you will have no trouble finding tables. They do offer six seater sit and goís up to a buy in of $500 and heads up ones up to $1000 but the high and even the mid buy in ones arenít that popular here. Buy ins of $10 or less are pretty well frequented though.

There are plenty of multi table tournaments that run here, but once again this is mostly directed at smaller buy ins, but given the fact that these are the ones that players like to play this wonít be a problem unless you really want to play higher, in which case they have those too, they just donít run as often.

Since Party Poker owns the World Poker Tour this is the place to play if you ever imagined yourself playing in a big WPT event and there is plenty of opportunity to play qualifiers to these events, with buy ins ranging from very small to quite large, and the bigger the buy in, the easier it is to win a seat.

Overall the traffic here is quite good as is the game selection, although most of the action is geared toward those with more modest bankrolls and appetites.

Party Poker Bonuses, Rewards, and Promotions

Party Pokerís regular bonus is only $50, which is definitely on the small side, and this might be the smallest in all of poker in fact. So you deposit up to $50 and they match this with $50 of their own which they release to you in increments as you try them out.

I did say regular bonus though and thatís not what youíll get if you use our special bonus code of ZOOM when you register, as we donít want you to just get $50, we want you to get up to $500. So the deal is the same as the regular one as far as how it all works, with the difference being that if you put in more than $50, they will match your deposit in bonus money all the way up to $500.

The bonus here is paid out in one tenth increments as you accumulate enough player points for each payout and you have 120 days to clear it all, which is the longest anyone gives you and is nice.

Party Poker is all about keeping things simple for their players and one look at their revamped web site will tell you all you need to know about this. Their loyalty structure has also been simplified and itís also been ramped up to ensure that players here get the kind of rewards that reflects the fact that Party Poker does truly value your business and wants you to stay.

They have a lot of promotions here as well, to keep you interested and add variety, and this also includes a nice refer a friend bonus where both you and the people you know get rewarded with some extra money for having you refer them.

My Recommendation

Thereís so many things to like about this site. The traffic is very good, the competition is fairly soft, the software is excellent, the customer service here is great, as are the banking options. This is a top notch company which runs a top notch poker site.

The only thing Iíd like to see improved is their attracting more bigger bankrolled players but this may not even be a concern at all to you unless you play mid stakes or higher, I do and I have an account here and it really makes sense to have an account at all the major sites actually once you get to this level anyway.

Perhaps itís their low bonus deal that has them attracting a higher percentage of lower stake players but weíre not settling for that deal for you as I mentioned and feel free to take advantage of the better offer weíve lined up for you by once again entering our bonus code of ZOOM when you register.

So if you havenít had an account at Party Poker yet why not take advantage of this deal and get one set up for yourself. Just click on our link to them to get started.